There are several factors to take into account when formulating new cosmetics: the treatments’ goal, who is the target customer, the raw materials, the active ingredients, and many more. Each potential product must have a very clear purpose and satisfy specific market needs.

To this day, consumers are increasingly looking for cosmetics that show relevant results from the very first applications, and this is why we created the FACE AND BODY – PREMIUM LINE. Our new cosmetic line features innovative active ingredients – mostly from plants – and it has been thoroughly tested to help you achieve outstanding results.

Cutting-edge formulations for highly effective cosmetics.

When we conceived our high level cosmetic line, we made it so that its products would efficiently lighten and defend the skin while hindering free radicals as fast as possible. That is how we came up with four different face care cosmetics. The ENLIGHTENING CREAM is excellent for a healthy and natural-looking skin, the RESTORING ANTIAGE CREAM and VITAMIN C ANTIAGE CREAM are extraordinary at achieving a moisturizing and antioxidant effect, and the EYE CONTOUR is perfect for the treatment of expression wrinkles.

We also formulated a series of serums such as the EXFOLIATING SERUM, which oxygenates and renews the skin, the ANTI-AGING SERUM, specifically studied with hyaluronic acid to fight the signs of aging, and the INTENSIVE SERUM with peptides and snail slime for a very strong action.

Last but not least, we chose to formulate three distinct products expressly for the body’s well-being: the REGENERATING BODY CREAM, a shock treatment to tone the skin and make it glow, the BREAST TREATMENT CREAM, a light emulsion which contrasts tone relaxation, and the REMODELING CREAM featuring an anti-cellulite effect

Our FACE AND BODY- PREMIUM LINE is a great opportunity for your business to meet the most demanding customer’s needs thanks to the high performances it delivers. Furthermore, you can customize it with your own logo!

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