Retinol is one of the most beloved ingredients in the cosmetic world, but at the same time is also a debated element. It has always been considered one of the best allies against aging, but in recent times has divided his supporters into two main groups: those who prefer it pure, and those who would rather choose its plant-based counterpart stemming from the natural realm. Which of the two should you opt for and when should they be applied? What are the pros and cons?

When, why, and how should it be used?

skincare antiagingBeing a Vitamin A derivative, pure retinol is one of the fundamental ingredients in every beauty routine whose goal is to reduce a number of aging effects on the skin. It is often found in anti-aging creams, uniforming serums and treatments reducing skin blemishes, and it features different benefits such as: exfoliation, anti-aging properties, sebum-regulation and impurities reduction. Since it belongs to the retinoids family, its intensity can cause problems to the epidermis, specifically irritation and dryness.

Not all types of skin can tolerate pure retinol, especially when applied in high concentrations such as 0.5% or above. This amount makes it efficient but not particularly tolerable in the long run and throughout a whole anti-aging treatment.

Future mothers must avoid pure retinol cosmetics at all costs, especially during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, since it can penetrate deep into the user’s skin and potentially harm the baby.

Recently, different and equally effective natural cosmetics have been developed in order to overcome these issues, some of which include bakuchiol and phyto-retinol, two plant-based alternatives to retinol which most people’s skins can tolerate.

Plant-based retinol.

Bakuchiol is the active ingredient extracted from the leaves and seeds of a plant named Psoralea Corylifolia, which is better known as Babchi. Long ago it was one of many herbs used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, and it became famous for its many phytochemicals such as meroterpenes, coumarins, and flavonoids.

BakuchiolThis oily compound is particularly suitable for those cosmetics which aim at reducing skin aging while nourishing the dermis. It also features extraordinary antioxidant properties, a strong regeneration effect on the skin, and can promote the process of collagen synthesis while healing sunlight skin spots thanks to its ability to regulate melanin production. Furthermore, bakuchiol displays antibacterial and anti-inflammatory attributes and it is ideal for skins affected by acne and impurities.

Overall, bakuchiol has no structural affinity with retinol, nevertheless it affects the user’s skin in the same fashion while carrying equal benefits without its contraindications and side effects, proving to be a reliable alternative.

Current trends confirm it. Whether pure or natural, every solid skin routine should include retinol. Any word of advice? It is pointless to take sides: both solutions show pros which make them “unique”. Better be ready and offer the best alternatives and solutions to the market and users’ needs.

What does Camorak Cosmetic Laboratories provide?

Two products have now been manufactured in our labs, and they are ready to be sold with a customizable label enhancing the qualities of their respective ingredients.

Perle retinoloWhen it comes to our RETINOL PEARLS and VITAMIN C serum – whose main ingredient is pure retinol – the cosmetic features an oily texture thanks to the perfect balance between each active ingredient included in the formula. The product is enclosed in a practical and disposable pearl-shaped packaging, and its retinol-related restoring properties are enhanced by vitamin C, which also acts on dark spots by lightening their color. Moreover, it includes vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that is ideal to prevent anti-aging.

In order to meet the needs of those whose skin requires natural, retinol-based treatments, the BAKUCHIOL FACE CREAM is our ideal solution for the customer. The natural active ingredient and its strong anti-aging attributes are here combined with vitamin A and vitamin E so as to achieve a deep antioxidant impact on the skin. Further ingredients such as hops, horsetail, and hawthorn elevate the existing beneficial effects of the retinol, adding to the mix an intense toning action.

These two different products and their “philosophies” share the same goal: to be 100% effective and guarantee an ever-glowing skin. If you find yourself interested in knowing more on formulations or customization options, please contact us here.