Private label cosmetic lines are the ideal solution for everyone wishing to kickstart their own business in the beauty care industry. It is important to note that launching a cosmetic brand is not as simple as it may seem, and it involves a number of bureaucratic steps and several rules.

The cosmetic market is within reach to anyone wanting to launch their own brand thanks to our private label solutions, with the added advantage of avoiding investments in development and production infrastructures.

linee cosmetiche personalizzateBefore having your own line manufactured and ready to sell with your customized logo, it is essential to establish a clear agreement with the cosmetic lab you partner with, and to be aware of the industry’s regulations and how business activities run on a regular basis.

When considering the different options available, inquiring is key to establish good business management practices in advance, and it helps figure out what works and what does not beforehand. That is why we chose some frequently asked questions which we are going to answer in the following paragraphs.

1) What is the smallest batch I can purchase?

The smallest batch that can be purchased when ordering a private label line – ready to sell and customizable – is 12 items/product, and this applies to every single product Camorak can manufacture.

2) How do I know that the labels’ wording complies with the law?

Making sure that the product’s labels – primary and secondary – comply with existing regulations is extremely important. At Camorak we can guarantee that everything stated on the product is consistent with the latest cosmetics laws.

For instance: when taking dosage into account, the OZ./ml lettering must be displayed on the packaging abiding by a specific size. Furthermore, it is compulsory to state all recyclable materials properly, and ensure that both INCI and product’s usage are shown on each label and packaging.

3) When it comes to logos, labels and packaging, do you provide graphic design services?

Yes, we do! At Camorak we can develop your custom graphic design, either when restyling an existing brand or developing a new one and its overall visual identity from scratch. We have our own graphic design department working alongside established marketing and graphic design studios.

4) Who is responsible for the market debut?

This choice is up to the customer when defining the terms of agreement, and it goes public when the manufacturer featuring on the packaging’s label – both primary and secondary – has been chosen. The manufacturer will be responsible for:

  • the product’s safety
  • labels compliance with the law
  • registering all cosmetic products on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)

Cosmetic Product Notification PortalThe latter is mandatory to launch a cosmetic product on the market. All information displayed on the product must be communicated to the CPNP by the Designated Individual in charge of the process.

The customer can choose Camorak as the product’s manufacturer, and in this scenario our firm will take care of the registration process on the CPNP. On the other hand, if the customer decides to be the manufacturer, he will be in charge of all registration procedures. If this is the case, we can provide support when submitting the necessary documents, making sure the process is accurately carried out as it should.

Bear in mind the information we shared if you are considering launching your own private label cosmetic line, and if you happen to have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. At Camorak Cosmetic Labs you will find capable professionals ready to clarify any possible doubt.