Camorak pursued special preparations since the very beginning. In the 1960s, our firm’s founder Mr. Domenico Palumberi started putting together the first galenic preps in his house’s attic. Thanks to a mix of knowledge, intuition, and a number of tests, new products began taking form, and as a result Camorak was born: a lab where galenic compounds were coming to life, supporting pharmacies in manufacturing topical treatments.

Galenic products: a brief overview.

The word galenic stems from Galen of Pergamum, a doctor from ancient Greece who lived in Rome and would influence Western medicine for centuries to come, all the way up to the Renaissance. His studies kept being refined by apothecaries until the 19th century, when pharmacists discovered the benefits of isolating active ingredients.

Preparing galenic remedies is therefore the pharmacist’ art of conceiving medicines in his lab, starting from raw materials, chemicals, and auxiliary elements. Today, galenic preparations are still very relevant, especially when the goal is to craft a custom-made drug to meet a patient’s unique needs and his specific therapies and meds’ doses.

Innovating thanks to our experience.

At Camorak we mix know-how and innovation to constantly refine our special preparations. Our products’ formulas include condensed active ingredients we extract using ultrasonic technology, a modern solution preserving all plant’s nutritional properties, typically too sensitive to heat sources. The cold extraction process is completely natural: our tools apply sound waves on the ingredient’s surface through a mechanical motion. This is ideal for a full ingredient extraction, with the added advantage of taking place in a short amount of time while maintaining the molecules’ integrity.

Due to this process, we can acquire concentrated active ingredients we then use for our special preps. Some of these preparations include:

  • Devil’s claw for topical use. A soothing treatment with decongestant properties, helpful against arthritis and general rheumatic, lumbar, and joint pain
  • Soothing cream for sunburns, standard burns, and insect bites. Also useful to prevent bedsores, the formula does not require medical prescriptions
  • Cold leg gel relieving the user from a sense of weight in the lower body, made with menthol and escin
  • Hemorrhoids cream for pain relief

Furthermore, we have a selection of galenic preparations we manufacture for sportspeople, including:

  • Anti-fatigue cream for post-workout
  • Warming cream for pre-workout, useful to prevent contractures

Moreover, we formulate an arnica-based preparation which very effectively alleviates pain stemming from bruises, hematomas, muscle strains, and insect bites. Additionally, the prep features soothing, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

When it comes to extracting arnica, we at Camorak have chosen different solvents in order to collect both lipophilic and hydrophilic substances from the plant.

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