SOS impure skin

Here at Camorak we keep coming up with new cosmetic lines. After our latest haircare line, we formulated a new treatment for impure and acne-affected skin.

This is a very common issue, yet it is quite difficult to find effective cosmetics that can help. Some products on the market are way too aggressive for this type of skin, and oftentimes it is the consumer himself who looks for quick solutions without taking into account the negative effects of highly exfoliating active ingredients.

The final result rarely meets the expected outcomes, as the user skin experiences an undesirable rebound effect as a consequence of aggressive formulations. When customers find a truly effective product they inevitably start to trust the brand, and the companies which have direct experience with their consumers can confirm it. Here is the thing: impure and acne-affected skin requires a purifying and exfoliating treatment that is also delicate.

An effective, skin-friendly combination.

Considering each specific skin-related issue, we formulated two new products that combine effectiveness and delicacy, offering the right solution for this type of skin.

Detersione pelli impureMousse pelli impureOur Mousse for Impure Skin is perfect for step 1: skin cleansing to get rid of excess sebum. It is a foaming cleanser featuring an in-depth purifying effect thanks to apple, lime, and kiwi juice combined with vitamins and mineral salts.

Burdock and Sage extracts guarantee an astringent, rebalancing, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial action, while Myrtle and Lentisk extracts are tested to preserve healthy skin and the correct microbiota.

Siero pelli impureThe second cosmetic product is the Serum for Impure Skin, a treatment whose goal is to contrast and reduce skin imperfections. Its formula is based on Salicylic Acid, which effectively exfoliates dead cells, and Niacinamide, which purifies pores, regulates sebum, and hinders blackheads and pimples.

Like all of Camorak’s standard private label cosmetics, they can be customized with your own logo.

Our latest cosmetic line and all of the others at Beautyworld 2022

We brought all of our cosmetic lines – including the new ones – to the largest fair in the beauty industry. From the 31st of October to the 2nd of November we were in Dubai to showcase our cosmetic lines for facecare, bodycare, haircare, and babycare, both standard in private label and tailor made. Attending Beautyworld 2022 was a great opportunity to let the world know about Camorak’s cosmetic excellence and our ability to be ambassadors of the Made-in-Italy in the world.