One month to go before the end of the year. It is time to draft our financial statements, take into account future forecasts, and plan new endeavors and strategic actions. We do not know what 2023 holds, nevertheless we can follow consumer trends and what “moves” the industry as a good starting point. This helps us foresee where we will be going, which in turn brings up new ideas for the months to come.

In order to have a solid picture of ​​potential business opportunities, we normally study the market and keep up to date with consumers’ habits and desires. This is a good approach to grasp purchasing trends and identify the best timing to launch a new product or expand a business.

Trends-wise, the luxury market is definitely taking off. In 2022, this industry not only recovered from Covid times but positively upped its revenue levels, with a record growth of +21% by the end of the year. According to Deloitte’s Global Fashion & Luxury Private Equity and Investors Survey 2022, the cosmetic sector is the N°1 most attractive industry for a huge number of investors all over the world. 53% of them are extremely interested in luxury Cosmetics & Fragrances. Foreign markets remain the driving force, with the US, Asia, and United Arab Emirates focusing on quality, sophistication, and effectiveness, especially when it comes to European brands.

The luxury cosmetics market is flourishing, and will likely keep growing according to the forecast of Research & Markets. Specialists estimate that by 2027 the market will achieve 64.55 billion dollars worth in revenues.

Camorak and its luxury, Premium cosmetics

We have designed an innovative cosmetic line whose goal is to achieve excellent results and meet the demanding requests of the luxury market.

The Face and Body Premium Line can be customized with your own logo, alongside the other Standard Private Label cosmetic lines. Its innovative and tested vegetable ingredients, including peptides and snail slime, contribute to the high performance of its products.

The Premium line features 11 products, from face and body care all the way to remodeling / regenerating treatments.

To find out more, take a look at our article.

Our latest news

Recently, there has been several news at Camorak Cosmetic Labs. We have conceived two new Standard Private Label cosmetic lines, which can include your logo in case you intend to launch them on the market. One is for impure skin, and it features two products combining delicacy and effectiveness.

SOS impure skinOn one hand, we have formulated a Mousse that is specifically for Impure Skin. The product cleanses and purifies the skin in a deep fashion. On the other hand, we have created an Impure Skin Serum, which reduces and contrasts skin imperfections. You can find more in the article here.

Last but not least, we formulated a Haircare cosmetic Line to restore the well-being of hair and scalp, featuring 10 products for everyone’s specific needs. From shampoos to conditioners, all products are designed to take care of a wide variety of skins and scalps. We also put together some anti-hairloss strengthening lotions and masks. To find out more, we recommend reading the following article.

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