Summer 2023 is coming in a few months, and being in shape to perfectly fit the swimsuit is already on everyone’s to-do list. Starting now, there will be a relevant increase in gym memberships, nutritionists and dieticians consultations, and above all a growth in demand for beauty treatments to mitigate and get rid of blemishes that cause discomfort, most of all cellulite.

Our cosmetic labs developed and tested the perfect solution featuring visible and measurable results from the get-go: the Complete Anti-Cellulite Treatment in private label, customizable with your logo.

Among women’s skin problems, the most common ones are visible dimples, ripples, and the classic “orange peel” skin on thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and hips. Cellulite is a physiological condition affecting around 90% of Western women regardless of age or shape.

It causes an increase in fat cells’ size and water retention in between cellular gaps due to subcutaneous tissue inflammation in the area known as hypodermis.

This means that any treatment acting solely on the superficial layers – at the epidermis level – will be most likely ineffective.

The customizable anti-cellulite line

Camorak’s Anti-cellulite Line is designed to penetrate the skin layer by layer, reaching the hypodermis (adipose panniculus) to directly stimulate the adipocyte metabolic activity.

Formulated with the latest generation of active biotechnological ingredients, the line consists of 4 products with a targeted action on adiposity and a synergy aiming to gain the best results as fast as possible.

Exfoliation is the first, essential step to prepare the skin to absorb all the active ingredients and free it from dead cells gathered on the epidermis. Leading the way are two multifunctional scrubs for a complete anti-cellulite treatment, both customizable and ready to meet your customers’ needs.

Two multifunctional scrubs

The first is a Pineapple Body Scrub whose exfoliating action is maximized by bromelain, a dermo-purifying enzyme extracted from the pineapple stem. The active ingredients mixed with natural microspheres from apricot kernels immediately restore the skin, granting it a smoother, brighter, and more compact texture.

The second is a Salt and Butter Scrub, an exclusive treatment combining 3 properties in a single application. In addition to eliminating dead cells, the salt drains unwanted liquids, slimming the skin and making it look more compact. Finally, thanks to its vegetable butter and oils, the product keeps the skin highly nourished and hydrated.

Booster Cell and Rimodella

Once the skin has been exfoliated, it is time to proceed with the Booster Cell: a shock treatment against cellulite blemishes. The pool of active ingredients featuring Carnitine, Caffeine, Birch extract, and other effective ingredients stimulates the process of lipids degradation within the adipocytes while ensuring an extra draining action.

The Booster Cell’s formulation aims at maximizing the positive effects of Rimodella, the final product of the Anti-Cellulite Treatment. It is an emulsion whose light texture eases skin absorption and acts on adiposity by stimulating local metabolism and lipolysis while improving microcirculation. It all takes place without interfering with the thyroid thanks to ingredients that do not exert any hormonal stimulus, unlike other iodine derivatives. The active ingredients such as Caffeine, Red vine, Spirulina algae, Carnitine, and others deeply permeate the skin layers up to the hypodermis. In doing so, they remodel the dermis, conferring the user a compact silhouette and fewer centimeters.

75% of women who tested our formulas improved their skin appearance, and 85% witnessed a 0.5 – 1.0cm reduction in thigh outline after a 60-day treatment.

Need more information on the anti-cellulite line, customizable with your logo? Contact us and receive the technical data sheets!