Nowadays, investing in the cosmetic market for men seems to be a winning choice. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors, a trend confirmed by the data that Report Link collected in its Global Men’s Grooming Product Industry study. Between 2020 and 2027 the annual market growth is estimated around 3.8%, reaching 2 billion dollars worth by 2027. That is why at Camorak we recently came up with the innovative Face Care Line for Men, customizable with your logo.

PURIFYING CLEANSING MOUSSE, REBALANCING ANTI-AGE CREAM, and MOISTURIZING FACE SERUM: these are the 3 multifunctional products we formulated for complete skincare, from cleansing to intensive hydration.

Men and cosmetics: an evolving relationship

Men’s skincare habits are adjusting fast. The open-mindedness towards face care cosmetics has evolved from generation to generation, with the youngest users changing their perception of women as the only cosmetics consumers.

Stereotypes and prejudice now belong to the past, and a variety of different people are currently interested in their skin’s well-being.

Taking this trend into account, we have formulated an innovative Face Care Line based on men’s specific needs. The men’s dermis features more sebaceous glands and larger pores, and as a consequence, their skin tends to be fatter and more blemished.

The Face Care Line for Men and its customizable label

Purifying Cleansing Mousse

The first product is all about cleansing, which is where every skin routine starts. Formulated with salicylic acid and myrtle and lentiscus extract, the Purifying Cleansing Mousse for Men rebalances the sebum and purifies the skin. It also helps in preserving the correct microbiome thanks to the so-called saccharomycetes, microorganisms that make up the bacterial flora and can rise in numbers with the support of cosmetics such as ours. More microbiota microorganisms equal stronger skin and better protection from any bacteria’s external attack.

Rebalancing Anti-age Cream

We have developed an intensive moisturizing formula based on hyaluronic acid featuring 3 different molecular weights. The Rebalancing Anti-age Cream for Men acts on the hydrolipidic film, restoring its correct hydration. The additional panthenol, myrtle, and lentiscus extract combined with natural vitamin E decongest and soothe the dermis, making it a perfect product for a post-shave application. These properties grant a multifunctional effect on the user’s skin.

In vivo tests have shown a significant improvement in the epidermal flora composition after 7 days of application. The fermented myrtle and lentiscus extract promotes the increase of Corynebacteriaceae strains and restores the skin’s ability to work as a barrier, therefore improving its condition.

Moisturizing Face Serum

The Radical Protector Serum for Men completes the trio. This treatment and its pool of regenerating, elasticizing, and protective agents improve the user’s skin thanks to vitamins A, B6, and E. The addition of menthol confers freshness, and the UVB filter protects the skin from any kind of sun damage. Finally, its light texture and immediate absorption facilitate the release of precious nutrients we included in the formulation.

Are you interested in the brand new Face Care Line for Men? If that is the case, from the 16th to the 18th of March you can meet us at Cosmopack, Hall 18 – Booth B/7. The well-known exhibition is an event you cannot miss, and it takes place in Bologna, Italy. Book an appointment with us to meet our team and find out more about our products and the latest formulations, including the Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment, the innovative Haircare Line, and of course our newest Face Care Line for Men. Get in touch with us!

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