To brighten the skin tone, sun rays are not a must. It sounds like science fiction, but it is not, and Camorak Laboratories are here to prove it. In the last months, we have worked on a new cosmetic formula for a product you can customize with your logo and label. The Face Serum12 months for a perfect skin tone – stimulates melanin production and brightens the skin tone all year round.

How does it work? First off, let us introduce melanin and its synthesis process.


Melanin determines a person’s skin tone, eyes, and hair color, the ability to tan faster or slower, hyper-pigmentation, albinism, and vitiligo. Melanin, or more properly melanins, is the sum of black, dark, and reddish pigments defining a person’s skin color.

The skin tone varies from person to person depending on the amount of melanin carried by skin cells, the type of pigment (eumelanin or pheomelanin), and the size of melanosomes, which are melanocytes’ inner organelles whose function is to synthesize melanin.

Based on these 3 elements, we can identify 3 different types of complexion:

  • dark: featuring bigger melanosomes, rich in eumelanin
  • caucasian: featuring smaller melanosomes carrying eumelanin
  • celtic: featuring even smaller melanosomes carrying pheomelanin

Melanin, the skin protective filter

The production of melanin is stimulated by sun exposure and is meant to protect the skin, more specifically its role is to shield a person’s DNA from UV rays, preventing dermis aging and hindering skin deterioration caused by sunlight. Sun rays activate melanocytes that in turn synthesize melanin starting from the amino acid known as tyrosine. Across the process, the melanocytes located at the bottom of the epidermis transfer melanosomes to the so-called keratinocytes (epidermis cells) darkening the skin, which is what we call tanning.

Camorak Laboratories have studied a natural formula that stimulates melanin production all year long, reviving the user’s skin tone while slowing down premature aging caused by free radicals, which are a product of sun rays.

The Face Serum  – 12 months for a perfect skin tone – customizable with your logo

Our cosmetic is a natural booster that can awaken melanin production even without sun exposure thanks to the synergic action of Brown Algae and Acetyl Tyrosine, which is a forerunner of Tirosina and whose effect intensifies its bioavailability. Both ingredients feature antioxidant properties, protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays and help preserve a uniform tan, reducing the damages caused by the sun. Furthermore, our product grants deep hydration and an anti-age action combined with nourishing, antioxidant, and soothing properties as a result of sweet almond milk, trehalose, and vitamin E mixed with apple, lime, and kiwi extract.

Our Serum can be applied all year long to brighten the skin tone, ease the tanning process, and protect the skin from sunlight.

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