Personal hygiene is an everyday task. It is not just about cleansing, it is a relevant facet of self-care as a whole. This is what we had in mind when we devised two new Shower gels featuring functional actives, customizable with your logo, whose goal is to turn daily hygiene into a proper body and mind treatment.

Multifunctional products are becoming more and more popular, as we discussed in one of our past news, and a number of firms started welcoming this trend to meet their customers’ demands. High-quality ingredients and thorough formulations make all the difference, and this applies to shower gels as well.

Deliver a SPA experience with two customizable Shower gels

Camorak’s new Shower gel line comprises 2 products, and each one of them accomplishes a different outcome. Both their formulations share natural ingredients to preserve the dermis pH and grant a soft texture. To achieve a full sensory experience, we invested time and effort to perfect their fragrance in order to win over customers and allow them to enjoy a truly relaxing moment.

The aromas we chose for our new Shower gels come from extracts that release functional actives over time.

The myrtle and lemon Shower gel and its fresh scent mainly act as a toning. On one hand, the myrtle awards the skin with an astringent and soothing effect, on the other the lemon revitalizes the dermis, acting as a very effective combination.

The iris and vanilla Shower gel features sweet and refined floral aromas. Its functional actives are a product of the iris’ properties and aim to reinforce the skin and support the hydrolipidic balance.

Moreover, both Shower gels have been tested for nickel and heavy metals. Get in touch with us for more information about our Shower gels customizable with your logo and label and their technical sheets.