Our silky Lip Balm nourishes during the day and acts as an intensive mask at nighttime. This is our latest product from Camorak Cosmetic Labs: a dual-purpose Lip Balm you can customize with your logo, whose goal is to grant your customers the right nourishment and protection for their lips.

Lips are as delicate as the eye line. They are very sensitive to atmospheric agents such as UV rays, wind, cold weather, and temperature leaps, and therefore need consistent attention to prevent dehydration and dryness.

Moreover, lips quickly show aging signs. Their thin dermis is in a natural state of constant motion, making it extremely sensitive to wrinkles and the so-called “barcode effect”.

This is why lips must be nurtured, hydrated, and protected all year round.

Moringa oil and hyaluronic acid for the perfect formulation.

The new dual-purpose Lip Balm has been formulated to result in a rich and thick balm to nourish and protect the lips 12 months a year, day and night. Its daytime effects keep the user’s lips soft and silky, while a nighttime thicker application grants an intensive, super-nurturing mask.

Our Lip Balm protects the user’s lips from wind and temperature leaps and is formulated with precious mineral oils, butter, and hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Moreover, it hinders dryness and dehydration, keeping the lips as soft and silky as possible. Among its ingredients, our Lip Balm features shea butter and its soothing and nurturing properties, and moringa oil, an extraordinary extract rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients that some experts even consider a “superfood”.

If you want to know more and take a look at our dual-purpose Lip Balm’s technical sheet, get in touch with us! You can add your logo and label to it.