After more than half a century of innovative beauty and skincare formulations, Camorak laboratories go above and beyond. Camorak’s Home Line is the ideal solution for your business and your customers.

We are rolling out our new line with two products whose formulations aim at achieving an enchanting sensory experience to inebriate your homes, SPAs, and offices.

By testing different combinations of scents we devised the perfect fragrance bonds to please the senses. Cosmetics smells are one of the most tested parameters among consumers, we talked about it in this LinkedIn post.

Camorak’s Home Line features the ultimate olfactory experience, and in a way it guided us to the art of space perfuming. These are the two products customizable with your logo: the air diffuser with sticks, and the spray-on.

Take a deep breath and try to imagine these two delicate fragrances in your room.

Vanilla and Cocoa Room Spray-on

The Cocoa and Vanilla fragrance is soft and inviting, sweet and uplifting at the same time, with a touch of sensuality. The first perceivable aromatic notes are peach and coconut, both blended effortlessly and followed by the main scent of flowers: lily of the valley, violet, heliotrope, and cocoa, which add an elegant feel. The last fragrances that the nose can sense are cream, white moss, and sweet timber, which confer a splendid, persistent smell to the ambiance.

Air Diffuser with Red Grape Sticks

The air diffuser with Red Grape sticks offers a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere and an olfactory journey in the vineyards where the grapes have just been crushed. The first aromatic notes are sweet as fruit, with a light citrus nuance and ethereal cognac aromas that slowly vanish. Its main scent feels like caramelized berries mixed with a sprinkle of cinnamon for a seasonal caress. The last fragrances give out a sense of wooded freshness thanks to the oak-aged liquor’s essence and a delicious vanilla finish.

These are the first two fragrances from our Home Line, and they come ready to sell with a customizable label. Get in touch with us if you have a good nose for business!