While 2023 packs its bags, the ritual of selection is always useful to outline the predictions for the beauty trends of 2024 and have a clear idea of how the cosmetic industry will evolve. What to keep and what to leave behind for the new year? Those who embraced natural beauty in 2023 had an excellent intuition.

Healthy, flawless, radiant skin, and all-natural beauty continue to be the goal and desire of women, as well as men, turning to the cosmetic industry. Cleanness is also sought in products, with natural active ingredients and clean cosmetic formulas.

Let’s see the paths to take and which products to focus on to offer what consumers are looking for in 2024.

Bakuchiol: the anti-aging revolution from nature

In support of what has been said, bakuchiol is among the ingredients that have gained a lot of attention and should be considered for 2024. A well-deserved success, given the incredible properties of this active ingredient that has emerged as a natural alternative to retinol, but much more delicate and suitable for all skin types. Our laboratories confirm this, as we studied and introduced it years ago, creating our innovative anti-aging product in the standard line. Bekuchiol is a versatile ingredient that provides many satisfactions and possibilities, even with contract manufacturing cosmetic solutions lines that we produce, and you can customize starting from the formulation.

Impure skin searching for bacterial balance.

Fixing various skin impurities is one of the most frequent requests to which cosmetics respond with solutions that do not always find the hoped-for effectiveness. It is important to know that impure skin is often the result of a bacterial imbalance in the skin microbiota. Unregulated diet, stress, excessive exposure to UV rays, and especially the use of aggressive cosmetic products lead to an imbalance of the bacteria living on our skin, causing extreme sensitivity to external threats. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the secret to solving skin impurities is to purify with delicate treatments, preserving the balance of the skin microbiota. An example of effective and delicate formulas is the anti-imperfection duo formulated in our Cosmetic Laboratories. Purifying foam and Corrective Serum with salicylic acid and niacinamide are our natural proposal, combining effectiveness and gentleness, offering impure skin the solution they have always sought.

Lifting effect cream: anti-aging without compromise.

2023 was a particularly fruitful year, especially for the proposal of lifting effect cosmetics. The continuous evolution to erase and soften the signs of time has never stopped and will continue into 2024. Cosmetics based on innovative peptides and new active ingredients of natural origin, tested in vivo, will lead innovation to restore tone and elasticity to the skin, moisturizing deeply and improving skin structure.

Light and color for the skin, all year round.

Healthy, naturally fresh, and luminous skin. Just like in summer, but all year round. To meet this widespread need, the science of Camorak Laboratories has responded with a revolutionary and decidedly innovative cosmetic: the 12-Month Serum – For a Perfect Skin Tone. A natural booster based on Acetyl Tyrosine and Brown Algae, capable of activating melanin production without sun exposure. It evens and revives the skin tone, eliminating winter pallor and giving the face a naturally rosy, luminous, and fresh look. If you want to learn more about our innovative 12-Month Serum, customizable with graphics and logo, you can click here. And, as a preview, we reveal that the Laboratories have more than one new project in store that will brighten the 2024.

According to trends, 2024 promises to be a very interesting year for the cosmetic industry. If offering beauty that stands for innovation and concrete results is among your resolutions for the new year, we can help you. Our laboratories provide you with over half a century of experience, supporting and guiding you in the creation of your personalized cosmetic line, starting from the formulation. Contact us, and we will explain step by step how.