With over 60 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, it might seem like Camorak Laboratories exclusively formulates lines for face and body – either wholly customizable or ready to sell. However, our newest unveiling goes beyond your expectations, opening up exciting opportunities.

If you have the idea of crafting a perfume that reflects you, your brand, or a business dedicated to personal fragrances, Camorak is the perfect partner to bring your vision to life.

Creating olfactory harmonies is an art ingrained in our work because, even in cosmetics, fragrance holds significant importance. The study of the right olfactory pleasantness is a crucial phase in creating every cosmetic line, evaluated through the pleasantness test.

Profumatori CamorakLast year, we took this experience and made it the highlight of one of our latest innovations in 2023: the Camorak Home Line. Two delicate and intense fragrances, available in different formats – with customizable labels and ready to sell – achieving an enchanting sensory experience to inebriate every place. For more details, we recommend reading the dedicated article.

But having a good nose isn’t the only requirement.

Perfumes are a fascinating universe that captivates our senses in extraordinary ways. Scents have the power to evoke memories, influence mood, awaken emotions, and enhance perceptions. While sight may be the dominant sense, the sense of smell has a close correlation with the emotional and instinctive sphere.

Yet, creating a perfume isn’t just about having a good nose; it also demands a deep understanding of chemistry. Aromas interact uniquely, creating accords and synergies that define a fragrance’s personality. Every detail, from note concentration to oil extraction processes, contributes to defining a fragrance’s personality, forming a precise structure known as the olfactory pyramid.

Each perfume distinguishes itself through:

  • The olfactory pyramidTop Notes: The initial olfactory impression when applying the perfume, light, fresh, and volatile, fading quickly.
  • Heart Notes: Once the top notes dissolve, the heart notes emerge, defining the fragrance’s distinctive character, perceived more deeply and lasting for hours.
  • Base Notes: The enduring structure of a fragrance, deep, rich, and persistent, stabilizing and prolonging the olfactory experience over time.

The olfactory pyramid, a key concept in perfumery, represents a fragrance’s structure and the sequence in which various olfactory notes emerge over time.

In Camorak Laboratories, we’ve extensively cultivated the study of fragrances and the art of perfuming. Now, we offer this expertise to help you create your personalized fragrance or fragrance line. We’re ready to guide you towards new milestones, and you can even discuss it at Cosmopack 2024, the largest fair dedicated to cosmetic packaging from March 21 to 23. We’re already preparing these and other exciting innovations to present to you. If you want to secure your appointment with us now, contact us!