Prepare face and body for summer.

What does preparing face and body for summer mean? The answer boils down to the two quintessential summer goals: less cellulite and more tan. The market offers many solutions for these specific needs, but if you focus on results and effectiveness, would you put your signature on them?

As a cosmetic company predominantly made up of women, we understand the importance of offering reliable products that meet expectations. If that’s what you’re seeking, our labs have two tested and effective lines ready to be customized, to prepare face and body for summer: the Anti-Cellulite Line and the Face and Body Perfect Tan Line.

The Complete Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Spring days trigger the desire to be in shape for summer. If a bit of physical activity and a good diet might work for men, the same cannot be said for women, who contend with cellulite, a very common condition.

90% of occidental women are subject to cellulite, regardless of age or physical shape. And the more women expose they bodies, the less confident and content they feel, especially when focusing on every little imperfection.

Indeed, cellulite treatments are one of the most requested cosmetic treatments before summer. Specific cosmetic products – provided they work deeply, starting from the hypodermis (to learn how an effective anti-cellulite product works, there is dedicated article here.) – can play a key role in minimizing the typical orange peel skin, improving circulation, and reshaping the silhouette.

The Anti-Cellulite Line formulated in our labs meets every need, from edematous to fibrous cellulite. Four cosmetic products make up a body routine that guarantees visible results and fewer centimeters:

Cold Gel Tired Legs – Reshapes Emulsion – Booster Cell – Essential Drenoil

Anti-cellulite Line

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Being in shape isn’t the only desire tied to summer. A uniform and long-lasting tan is a goal for both men and women during the sunny season.

Face and Body Perfect Tan Line

To achieve a beautiful, golden, long-lasting, natural tan, exposing to the sun isn’t enough. The first step to prepare face and body for summer is exfoliation, useful for removing dead cells, promoting oxygenation, and tissue renewal. It’s also necessary to keep the skin well hydrated and protected with an adequate sunscreen, not only during the summer. But for a longer-lasting tan, we formulated Tan Activators for face and body, capable of stimulating melanin production even without sun exposure. A formula that helps to get the skin ready to receive sunlights while counteracting cutaneous stress caused by sun exposure.

The Face and Body Perfect Tan Line consists of four references, ready to sell and customizable with your logo:

For face: Exfoliating Serum and Face Serum 12 Months

Perfect Tan Line For Face
For body: Body Scrub Pineapple and Tanning Activator

Perfect Tan Line for BodyClick here for more details on the products.

The Anti-Cellulite Line and the Perfect Tan Line are ready-to-sell solutions with customizable labels. If you want to expand your cosmetic offerings with tested and effective products and receive all the technical sheets, contact us.