CC Cream with SPF

The sunny days and early warmth call for lightness and color, especially for the skin. As wardrobes are refreshed, so are beauty cases, opting for cosmetics with formulations and textures more suitable for summer. Consequently, CC creams are preferred over foundations, which can be uncomfortable in the heat. If you are looking for a valuable alternative to offer your clients, take two minutes to learn about the Anti-Aging Multifunction CC Creams formulated in our cosmetic laboratories. A private label solution, ready for sale with your logo, available in two shades – Natural and Bronze – suitable for evening out the complexion of the face and the body.

Anti-Aging CC Creams: Our Multifunctional Solution with Customizable Labeling

Firstly, the product’s name reveals its primary function; CC stands for Color Correction. It is a tinted cream with a lightweight texture and highly moisturizing properties that evens out the skin tone, giving it a more luminous and vibrant appearance. Once applied, our CC Cream becomes a second skin as a result of to its fast-absorbing formulation that doesn’t transfer color onto fabrics. Therefore, this makes it perfect for the body as well, to diminish the pale, grayish winter complexion while awaiting the first sunbath and to correct any dark spot on the skin, that come out with shorter clothing.CC Creams for face and body

Speaking of dark spots, we said “correcting” for a reason. Indeed, our complex formulation also offers a reparative function for damage caused by sunlight, reducing imperfections. Furthermore, to prevent any further sun damage, the protective function comes into play. Our CC Cream feature organic UVA/UVB filters to make a cosmetic with SPF 50, which protects the skin and prevents photoaging.

CC creams are studied to be a complete and versatile solution, comfortable in summer and perfect for evening out and protecting the skin in winter. Thus, ideal for those who want a fresh and radiant look. 

If you like the idea to widen your cosmetic line with treatments to prepare the face and body for summer, we recommend taking a look at this detailed overview. You can also download the sheets for the Complete Anti-Cellulite Treatment, consisting of 4 products, and the Perfect Tanning Line for Face and Body.

The complete Anti-cellulite Treatment

Anti-cellulite Line

These are all ready-to-go solutions to be customized with your brand. For any information and to receive the technical sheets of the Anti-Aging CC Creams or any other Camorak product, contact us.