Kit lip care

The Ultimate Lip Care Routine for Ageless Beauty

Experience ultimate hydration, nourishment, and volumizing care with Camorak Cosmetics’ Lip Care Beauty Routine, your new go-to for a flawless lip treatment from sunrise to sunset.

Our Lip Care Kit is the pinnacle of anti-aging lip solutions, readily available for retail with a customizable label. It’s specially crafted for the delicate needs of the lip area, offering a comprehensive lip care regimen that includes a hydration, a wrinkle-reduction, and a nourishment, with a Botox-like effect, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and ‘barcode’ wrinkles.

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Trend beauty 2024: all-natural shine, and zero imperfections.

While 2023 packs its bags, the ritual of selection is always useful to outline the predictions for the beauty trends of 2024 and have a clear idea of how the cosmetic industry will evolve. What to keep and what to leave behind for the new year? Those who embraced natural beauty in 2023 had an excellent intuition.

Healthy, flawless, radiant skin, and all-natural beauty continue to be the goal and desire of women, as well as men, turning to the cosmetic industry. Cleanness is also sought in products, with natural active ingredients and clean cosmetic formulas. Read More

Face Serum 12 months: erases paleness, levels out the colour, and hydrates the skin.

Summer is over, and every skin type shows the post-effects of tanning, which include: lower skin tone, impurities, and dehydration, causing the dermis to be flimsy and vulnerable to seasonal changes. Restoring it is of the essence, and that is why we have developed a unique, innovative cosmetic for this purpose: a natural booster featuring soothing, nourishing, hydrating, and antioxidant properties. Read More

Camorak’s Home Line. News never stop coming.

After more than half a century of innovative beauty and skincare formulations, Camorak laboratories go above and beyond. Camorak’s Home Line is the ideal solution for your business and your customers.

We are rolling out our new line with two products whose formulations aim at achieving an enchanting sensory experience to inebriate your homes, SPAs, and offices.

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Cosmetic packaging among innovation, customization, and sustainability.

In every cosmetic product, the formulation is what matters the most alongside the selection of raw materials and active ingredients. They must be chosen with care and based on the needs of every skin type. Thanks to our 60+ years of experience and know-how, at Camorak our main goal is to focus on developing top-notch cosmetics. Nevertheless, we must remember that quality without a good presentation might miss out on a few opportunities. That is why we offer a full service to all customers who choose to rely on us from beginning to end.

Choosing the right packaging is imperative in the process of devising a full cosmetic line. From shape to practicality, style, material, graphics, and colours, a well-constructed packaging speaks for your brand and firm. It is your product’s business card, the first thing the customer sees, it is decisive in the purchasing phase both perceptively and communicatively. Read More

The new dual-purpose Lip Balm

Our silky Lip Balm nourishes during the day and acts as an intensive mask at nighttime. This is our latest product from Camorak Cosmetic Labs: a dual-purpose Lip Balm you can customize with your logo, whose goal is to grant your customers the right nourishment and protection for their lips.
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