Beauty trends 2023: cosmetics and luxury.

One month to go before the end of the year. It is time to draft our financial statements, take into account future forecasts, and plan new endeavors and strategic actions. We do not know what 2023 holds, nevertheless we can follow consumer trends and what “moves” the industry as a good starting point. This helps us foresee where we will be going, which in turn brings up new ideas for the months to come.

In order to have a solid picture of ​​potential business opportunities, we normally study the market and keep up to date with consumers’ habits and desires. This is a good approach to grasp purchasing trends and identify the best timing to launch a new product or expand a business. Read More

SOS impure skin

Our new cosmetics for impure and acne-affected skin

Here at Camorak we keep coming up with new cosmetic lines. After our latest haircare line, we formulated a new treatment for impure and acne-affected skin.

This is a very common issue, yet it is quite difficult to find effective cosmetics that can help. Some products on the market are way too aggressive for this type of skin, and oftentimes it is the consumer himself who looks for quick solutions without taking into account the negative effects of highly exfoliating active ingredients. Read More

All about our new, natural, and customizable haircare line.

We are very excited to announce that our new haircare line is now available. Haircare requires as much attention as skincare, and that is why we developed a series of products for every hair type and scalp. It is of the essence to raise awareness and inform customers about how well-chosen products can make a huge difference to attain strong and healthy hair.

At Camorak cosmetic labs we are particularly proud of our newborn, 100% natural haircare line featuring a variety of high-performance products to satisfy any request. Read More




If you need more details and find out what Camorak can offer, contact us. We will be glad to assist you with the project you have in mind.



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