In compliance with Legislation n° 196, established on the 30th of June 2003 and referring to the protection of personal data and related amendments, this website protects the user’s privacy.

This privacy policy applies to the online activities taking place on this website only, and is valid for all website’s users. It does not apply to the information collected by other channels which have no direct association to the website. The website protects the user’s privacy in compliance with national and community legislation regarding personal data protection.

Camorak SRL, located in Via Della Tecnica, 73 – 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), is in charge of data management and processing, and is represented by its Legal Spokesperson Francesca Palumberi.

By browsing this website, users explicitly accept the privacy policy and their personal data usage according to the purposes and methods stated in the following paragraphs.

If the user allows it, he can share his personal data on the website so as to be granted information concerning services/products. Data provision is not compulsory and can be revoked at any time by the user.

The IT systems and softwares operating this website acquire personal data which is gathered as part of the standard internet processes and protocols by default. The information is not collected to be given to other interested parties that could use it to identify the website user, but its nature could possibly allow user identification if associated with data held by third parties. This kind of data includes computers’ IP addresses or domain names when the user browses the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​addresses referring to user requests, the time of the request, how the request was submitted to the server, the size of the file consequently received, the code which numbers show the response status given by the server (approved, denied, etc…) and other indicators stating operating system and user’s IT environment. Furthermore, it is important to note that the website includes technical and session cookies.

User’s data is not disclosed, although it might be brought to the attention of internal staff members as they carry out their work and deliver their services.

Upon request and at any given time, users have the right to know whether or not their personal data is on the website, to be informed of its content and origin, to make sure of its accuracy and if necessary request its integration, deletion, updating, blocking, and editing in order to maintain his anonymity in accordance to the current law and in prevention of its violation. Moreover, the user can scrutinize his own data for legitimate reasons and has the right to do so as stated on art. 7 of the Privacy Code. Any request will be addressed by the person in charge of managing and implementing the policy.

The hereby privacy policy was updated on the 19th of June 2015.

According to the Authority’s provision for the protection of personal data established on the 8th of May 2014 and referring to the “simplification of information collection procedures and consent acquisition for the use of cookies”, the user must be informed of the following.

Cookies general information
When you access our website, the system might set or read cookies and/or other identifiers that can store information regarding your internet browser and/or device in use.
A cookie is a small text file which gets stored on the user’s computer when viewing a website, and its purpose is to record some of his information in order to identify his activities and grant a better browsing experience the next time he will visit the website. On the other hand, device identifiers’ purpose is to gather and process information such as the IP address and/or the user agent (browser and operating system) or other device features, so as to match the information with that particular user.
A website can only set a cookie if the browser’s preferences allow it. Keep in mind that a browser can allow a website to issue only the cookies it was set to let through, not those from other websites. Therefore, when it comes to it, there is no risk to your privacy.

Cookies’ and similar technologies’ standard practices
Our website might use cookies or other identifiers for a number of reasons. More specifically, it may do so to:

  • enter restricted areas of the website that can only be accessed via authentication (in this scenario, cookies are called “technical” and their purpose is to maintain the browsing session online and/or simplify future accesses from the same device);
  • keep track of the user’s preferences while browsing the website and/or accessing other related services;
  • display advertising contents relevant to the user’s interests (third-party cookies only);
  • process data for statistical purposes (analytics), especially when it comes to the user’s preferences when browsing the website and/or accessing other related services;
  • conduct research in order to improve contents, products, and services.

The website does not implement any cookies with direct profiling purposes. The only built-in cookies managed directly by the website are the so-called technical cookies (which purpose is to offer appropriate services to the public) and – in a very small number – analytics cookies (which purpose is counting the times a page has been opened and/or other statistical purposes). However, we inform users that profiling cookies might be placed on our webpage by third parties (ref. “Cookies from other organizations”).

Cookies from other organizations
This website includes third-party services within its pages, and these might set up and use their own cookies and/or similar technologies. Their use is governed by other organizations and their own privacy policies, and it cannot be managed by our website or regulated as explained hereby.
Find below the list of companies that might use cookies while browsing our website (the list is non-exhaustive):

How to turn off cookies
You can set up your browser to accept or deny all cookies or only specific cookies (such as third-party cookies), or you can opt for being warned anytime a cookie is being placed on your computer.
Keep in mind that denying all cookies might prevent you from having access to products and services on this website, specifically when the website requests you to log into your account as a registered user via username and password. Since these services require cookies in order to work, blocking cookies could potentially prevent you from getting access.
Find below a list of directions showing how to manage the most popular browsers’ cookies settings:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. click on “Tools” on top of the browser;
  2. select “Internet Options”;
  3. click on the “Privacy” tab;
  4. select a “Medium” privacy level or lower to allow cookies; select a privacy level above “Medium” to disable cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. click on “Tools” on top of the browser;
  2. select “Options”;
  3. select the “Privacy” icon;
  4. click on “Cookies”;
  5. check or uncheck “Accept cookies from websites” | “Accept third-party cookies”.

Google Chrome

  1. click the menu icon;
  2. select “Settings”;
  3. select “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page;
  4. in the “Privacy” settings, select “Content settings”;
  5. check or uncheck “Prevent websites from setting any data”.

Apple Safari

  1. click on the “Safari” label on top of the browser;
  2. select the “Preferences” option;
  3. click on “Privacy”;
  4. set your preferences under “Cookies and website data”.