Cosmetic Allergens

Allergens in cosmetics: what changes with the latest European Regulation?

With the latest European Regulation that came into force in July 2023, 56 new allergens have been added to the list of substances that must be declared on cosmetic labels. This update primarily concerns certain fragrances used in cosmetics that can cause allergic reactions in individuals with particular predispositions.

But what exactly are allergens and to what extent should they be avoided? Read More

Prepare face and body for summer.

Preparing Face and Body for Summer with 2 cosmetic lines

What does preparing face and body for summer mean? The answer boils down to the two quintessential summer goals: less cellulite and more tan. The market offers many solutions for these specific needs, but if you focus on results and effectiveness, would you put your signature on them?

As a cosmetic company predominantly made up of women, we understand the importance of offering reliable products that meet expectations. If that’s what you’re seeking, our labs have two tested and effective lines ready to be customized, to prepare face and body for summer: the Anti-Cellulite Line and the Face and Body Perfect Tan Line. Read More

Face Serum 12 months: erases paleness, levels out the colour, and hydrates the skin.

Summer is over, and every skin type shows the post-effects of tanning, which include: lower skin tone, impurities, and dehydration, causing the dermis to be flimsy and vulnerable to seasonal changes. Restoring it is of the essence, and that is why we have developed a unique, innovative cosmetic for this purpose: a natural booster featuring soothing, nourishing, hydrating, and antioxidant properties. Read More

Cosmetic packaging among innovation, customization, and sustainability.

In every cosmetic product, the formulation is what matters the most alongside the selection of raw materials and active ingredients. They must be chosen with care and based on the needs of every skin type. Thanks to our 60+ years of experience and know-how, at Camorak our main goal is to focus on developing top-notch cosmetics. Nevertheless, we must remember that quality without a good presentation might miss out on a few opportunities. That is why we offer a full service to all customers who choose to rely on us from beginning to end.

Choosing the right packaging is imperative in the process of devising a full cosmetic line. From shape to practicality, style, material, graphics, and colours, a well-constructed packaging speaks for your brand and firm. It is your product’s business card, the first thing the customer sees, it is decisive in the purchasing phase both perceptively and communicatively. Read More

The new dual-purpose Lip Balm

Our silky Lip Balm nourishes during the day and acts as an intensive mask at nighttime. This is our latest product from Camorak Cosmetic Labs: a dual-purpose Lip Balm you can customize with your logo, whose goal is to grant your customers the right nourishment and protection for their lips.
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Scrubs and anti-cellulite body treatments, customizable with your logo

Summer 2023 is coming in a few months, and being in shape to perfectly fit the swimsuit is already on everyone’s to-do list. Starting now, there will be a relevant increase in gym memberships, nutritionists and dieticians consultations, and above all a growth in demand for beauty treatments to mitigate and get rid of blemishes that cause discomfort, most of all cellulite.

Our cosmetic labs developed and tested the perfect solution featuring visible and measurable results from the get-go: the Complete Anti-Cellulite Treatment in private label, customizable with your logo. Read More