CC Cream with SPF

Our CC Creams: uniform complexion and protection for face and body

The sunny days and early warmth call for lightness and color, especially for the skin. As wardrobes are refreshed, so are beauty cases, opting for cosmetics with formulations and textures more suitable for summer. Consequently, CC creams are preferred over foundations, which can be uncomfortable in the heat. If you are looking for a valuable alternative to offer your clients, take two minutes to learn about the Anti-Aging Multifunction CC Creams formulated in our cosmetic laboratories. A private label solution, ready for sale with your logo, available in two shades – Natural and Bronze – suitable for evening out the complexion of the face and the body. Read More

Cosmetic Allergens

Allergens in cosmetics: what changes with the latest European Regulation?

With the latest European Regulation that came into force in July 2023, 56 new allergens have been added to the list of substances that must be declared on cosmetic labels. This update primarily concerns certain fragrances used in cosmetics that can cause allergic reactions in individuals with particular predispositions.

But what exactly are allergens and to what extent should they be avoided? Read More

Prepare face and body for summer.

Preparing Face and Body for Summer with 2 cosmetic lines

What does preparing face and body for summer mean? The answer boils down to the two quintessential summer goals: less cellulite and more tan. The market offers many solutions for these specific needs, but if you focus on results and effectiveness, would you put your signature on them?

As a cosmetic company predominantly made up of women, we understand the importance of offering reliable products that meet expectations. If that’s what you’re seeking, our labs have two tested and effective lines ready to be customized, to prepare face and body for summer: the Anti-Cellulite Line and the Face and Body Perfect Tan Line. Read More

Kit lip care

The Ultimate Lip Care Routine for Ageless Beauty

Experience ultimate hydration, nourishment, and volumizing care with Camorak Cosmetics’ Lip Care Beauty Routine, your new go-to for a flawless lip treatment from sunrise to sunset.

Our Lip Care Kit is the pinnacle of anti-aging lip solutions, readily available for retail with a customizable label. It’s specially crafted for the delicate needs of the lip area, offering a comprehensive lip care regimen that includes a hydration, a wrinkle-reduction, and a nourishment, with a Botox-like effect, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and ‘barcode’ wrinkles.

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