We are a deeply rooted firm that has been around for a few decades now. Based in Bologna, Camorak prides itself for its outstanding Made in Italy quality and advanced cosmeceuticals. We keep up to date with nowadays trends, research new formulas, and offer top quality certifications, expertise and professionalism. What we do matters to us, our customers and the final consumers’ skin.


For more than 50 years, Camorak has been a solid business partner to those in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal industry.

Camorak is well known for its reliability and its progressive scientific research. We constantly develop innovative formulas using raw materials in association with the major Italian Universities in order to guarantee high quality, effective and safe cosmetics.


Camorak’s philosophy was conceived in 1964 by its founder, Domenico Palumberi, and passed down to his daughters Francesca and Eugenia along with his expertise and a mindset striving for high quality research and the development of new formulas.

Francesca Palumberi
Business Director

Eugenia Palumberi
Research Director




Splendid words from the people we worked with.

“To manufacture our professional aesthetic brand we received excellent support from the get-go across the whole project. What was originally conceived as a simple business initiative has now become a multi-line range of cosmetics meeting a variety of customers’ needs. The team at Camorak made us feel very welcome, and gave us top-notch assistance in the research and development of our brand by proposing sophisticated textures, elegant fragrances, and multifunctional products that would very much appeal to our most demanding consumers. Our brand is currently well established in the professional market and loved for its unique features. We were looking for quality, innovation, dynamism, progressiveness, and transparency, and at Camorak we found all these qualities!”.

Giulia Treppiccioni

Entrepreneur Hesito®

Jennifer Theiss

Palazzo di Varignana
Resort & SPA

“I am very thankful to Eugenia and the team at Camorak for their extraordinary contribution to develop our project with incredible synergy, enthusiasm, and involvement which led us to achieve wonderful results!!! Their remarkable experience in the industry and attention to details meant we could manufacture our own top quality cosmetics, featuring effective active ingredients, high level textures, and well-balanced fragrances. Thanks once more for the expertise and commitment!”.

“I had a business vision. The idea was to create a fully organic, eco-friendly, and vegan cosmetic line to sell directly to the end user, door-to-door. It was not easy to identify a company which could make my vision come true. I already contacted a number of Italian contractors before finding Camorak online. I wrote them and quickly received feedback, we then met in order to put together the project and soon after the Fantastika Biocosmesi brand was born. Thanks to their incredible know-how, attention to the customer’s needs, and the constant search for new raw materials and formulations, Camorak delivers an excellent product that is ready to sell and supervised throughout all production stages. For the past 12 years Camorak has successfully helped identify market trends and guided us towards achieving our goals. Fantastika Biocosmesi continues to grow due to the outstanding quality offered by Camorak products which has granted us long-term success.”

Karen Luisa Pruccoli

Owner of
Fantastika Biocosmesi

Andrea Gavazzoli

Sole Admin
Beauty Group Line
Beauty Spa Director

“In Camorak we found more than a supplier but a real partner with whom we worked in unison and carried out an excellent job. Camorak is a firm whose people are wonderful professionals and showed great commitment to our project, guiding us at every step of the way with extraordinary results.
I mean to thank:
Eugenia Palumberi for her support in formulating our cosmetics and her ability to meet our needs, which she did with splendid professionalism;
Francesca Palumberi for her help with the administrative side of our business endeavor and all the trust she had in us;
Roberta Murru who followed our initiative from start to finish, keeping track of so many different subjects and swiftly solving problems;
Daniele Quadri who introduced us to Camorak and contributed to the overall well execution of our ideas;
everyone who worked with us, investing time and energy, and committing to manufacture fantastic cosmetic products.”

“We are very satisfied with the service Camorak has given us. We contacted Camorak 2 years ago and went to their factory 2 weeks later. There we met the owners and together we thought about new products for our company.
They came up with very good arguments and so we decided to have 2 products developed with them.

They helped us with all the paperwork and design, after checking for errors. We are very satisfied with Camorak and will recommend anyone to do business with them.”

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We assist our customers in improving their business, crafting products which feature the client’s brand on the outside and our expertise within.

If you need more details and find out what Camorak can offer, contact us. We will be glad to assist you with the project you have in mind.

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